Call to Action through video

Nothing conveys the importance of a cause, a mission or a personal story with emotional impact quite like video. With our experience designing non-profit video messaging, we can support your mission by building a case for philanthropy through a compelling message of need. Simply put, our work can speak for those that can't always speak for themselves.
"No words for how amazing these videos are. Thank you Kirk and team for capturing in a five minute video exactly what we are, what makes us special and where we want to be. We cannot thank you enough for this." 

Catherine Houser, Program Coordinator, Covenant Enabling Residences of Illinois
“The video is a beautiful example of the spirit and essence of our mission to serve and educate the community. It brought tears to our eyes. It was not just well received but it truly moved people and was able to communicate what we do, which has been a challenge for us. The video found the perfect balance of plea and passion.”

Cindy Sullivan, Executive Director, Options and Advocacy