It can happen to anybody.

In communities everywhere the problem is real.
Leading Efforts Against Drugs (LEAD) is a non-profit organization dedicated to parents and other adults and their role in the promotion of healthy family relationships and the prevention of alcohol and drug use. LEAD and Speak UP! Underage Drinking Prevention Coalition hired us to produce this documentary that offers compelling personal stories to convey the risks of teen alcohol and drug abuse.

Client Comments

“The video has been widely viewed by our community and has been a tremendous tool in educating our youth and their parents. Presenting difficult subject matter with skill and confidence, we greatly appreciate Walking Shadows Production's creativity and dedication to the project.”
Andy Duran, Executive Director, LEAD

Successful Outcomes

After implementing the Our Stories video, feedback provided shows the positive impact the video has had on both parents and students. LFHS parents and youth appreciated the real stories portrayed, finding them powerful and very impactful. It engaged youth and parents together in meaningful dialogue. The video’s creative focus on the ‘solution’ provided a shared vision and connection for parents and youth, establishing a sound foundation for important future conversations and communication about the importance of preventing underage alcohol and drug use.