There's a lot of passion and compassion in what we do. 

The non-profit agency Options & Advocacy provides assistance to people with developmental disabilities. They came to us to create a video campaign that reflects their approach to this important mission. We designed a concept around their commitment to building resiliency in the individuals and families that they serve.
The video was incredibly well received and went on to win a prestigious Telly Award for "Best Fund Raising Video."

Client Comments

“The video is a beautiful example of the spirit and essence of our mission to serve and educate the community. It brought tears to our eyes. It was not just well received but it truly moved people and was able to communicate what we do, which has been a challenge for us. The video found the perfect tone of plea and passion.”
Cindy Sullivan, Executive Director, Options and Advocacy 

Value added

We delivered several iterations of the fund-raising video that went viral for the agency in support of its mission. Using footage from the same production days we re-purposed b-roll and interview comments into program-specific vignettes.
Below is the Autism Support Program video.